Digital.ai is a leading company in the field of Application Release Orchestration (ARO). This platform provides the capability to connect all your DevOps tools and enables effective orchestration. Digital.ai is positioned as a leader in Gartner’s recent Application Release Orchestration Magic Quadrant report and offers repeatable and scalable DevOps capabilities, particularly suited for large enterprises.

The Need for Complex Software Development:

  • End-to-End Pipeline Orchestration: Large and complex software development and release cycles require end-to-end pipeline orchestration. This is crucial to stay competitive in software development and operations.

The Burden of Scripting:

  • Evaluation of Engineering Resources: Some organizations have chosen to achieve this orchestration through scripting. However, this means that engineering resources are used to create and maintain these scripts instead of focusing on core business activities.

Solution Offered by Digital.ai:

  • Orchestration Without the Need for Scripting: Digital.ai consolidates all your DevOps tools and software under one roof, eliminating the need for scripting efforts.

Tracking and Improving the Product Journey: 

  • It allows you to observe the entire process from product design to deployment and beyond. This enables process improvements and accelerates development.

Digital.ai aims to increase efficiency and productivity in DevOps processes while enabling engineering teams to focus on their core tasks and redirect their valuable time to more strategic areas. This is particularly advantageous for large-scale and continuously evolving software projects.