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TRiM - Third-Party Risk Management Service

Third-party risks are continuously tested and scored based on the external appearance that an attacker could obtain. Throughout the process, the inputs obtained are evaluated, and concrete outputs are produced.

AWARE: Information Security Awareness and Maturity Level Development Support Service

With our Forcerta AWARE professional service package, the goal is to improve the information security awareness and maturity level at every layer, from the 'Individual' to the 'Organization'.

DataG Information Assets Discovery and Security Service

With our Forcerta DataG professional service, we provide an end-to-end solution for organizations to discover, classify, create data processes, and secure access to information assets throughout the entire organization.

crtman kapak resmi

crtMAN Digital Certificate Management Services

crtMAN is a service with technical and consulting components provided by Forcerta for effective and efficient digital certificate lifecycle management.

KVKK+ Personal Data Protection Law Services

KVKKPlus addresses the Personal Data Protection Law in a holistic manner, encompassing legal, data, information technology, and human resources dimensions.

ASSESS – Risk and Maturity Assessment

In the current landscape, companies are facing increasing challenges and risks in the field of cybersecurity.

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