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MazeBolt is a company notable for its pioneering work on Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) security , a critical challenge in cybersecurity . Its mission is to provide organizations with the tools they need to strengthen and strongly protect their digital infrastructure. MazeBolt’s pioneering solution is called RADAR™ , an industry first, and performs continuous and uninterrupted DDoS attack simulations to bypass organizations’ existing protection systems and detect weaknesses exploited by attackers . This innovative approach introduces the concept of providing organizations with “ Preventive, Proactive and Automated Protection ” so that cybersecurity teams can reliably detect vulnerabilities at all levels of DDoS protection layers .

MazeBolt, on a global scale; It serves organizations operating in a variety of critical industries, including financial services, insurance, the gaming industry, and government agencies with high security requirements . MazeBolt’s expertise and cutting-edge solutions give organizations a significant advantage in proactively defending against DDoS threats and helping them maintain uninterrupted digital operations.


With its two main solutions (RADAR™ and DDoS Threat Assessment (DTR) Tool), MazeBolt allows organizations to understand DDoS threats, detect vulnerabilities and take effective action.

RADAR™: Security with Continuous DDoS Threat Simulations

MazeBolt’s RADAR™ solution helps businesses become more prepared and resilient against DDoS (Denial of Service) threats. RADAR™ technology helps businesses identify and eliminate vulnerabilities by performing continuous DDoS threat simulations.

It helps them remove it . This solution seamlessly and automatically monitors for threats and helps businesses build stronger cybersecurity defenses. RADAR™ offers a unique perspective against DDoS attacks and enables businesses to strengthen their cybersecurity.

  • Comprehensive Threat Detection and Analysis: RADAR™ detects and analyzes threats to cover all aspects of DDoS attacks on businesses. This allows businesses to develop stronger defenses against advanced threats.
  • Automatic Vulnerability Recognition: RADAR™ automatically identifies vulnerabilities and guides businesses to close them. In this way, businesses can take faster and more effective measures against threats.
  • Continuing Education: RADAR™ offers ongoing training and guidance to cybersecurity teams. This allows teams to be better prepared for threats and increases cybersecurity capabilities.

DDoS Threat Rating (DTR): Accurately Assessing DDoS Threat Levels

Mazebolt DTRMazeBolt’s DDoS Threat Rating (DTR) solution provides businesses with the ability to better understand and evaluate DDoS threats. Even with the best DDoS protection, most organizations are still exposed to up to 75% of DDoS threats , which often contain hidden vulnerabilities at layers 3, 4 and 7. DTR helps businesses accurately assess DDoS threat levels and take priority measures . This solution predicts DDoS attack vector vulnerabilities with high accuracy and does so without interrupting the normal production activities of businesses.

  • Continuous Assessment: DTR helps businesses evaluate their DDoS threat levels on an ongoing basis. In this way, businesses can quickly respond to the changing dynamics of threats.
  • Customizable Assessments: DTR allows businesses to customize threat assessments. This helps organizations meet their specific requirements.
  • Fast and Uninterrupted Response: DTR offers businesses the ability to respond to threats quickly and uninterruptedly. This helps businesses keep their cybersecurity constantly up to date.

MazeBolt’s RADAR™ and DTR solutions provide businesses with the ability to combat DDoS threats more effectively. With continuous threat simulations and accurate threat assessment, businesses become more ready and secure. These solutions are ideal for organizations that want to build a strong defense against DDoS threats, which are critical to cybersecurity.



Red Team DDoS Test

Mitigation Strategies

MazeBolt RADAR™

Interruption in Case of Successful Attack


65% Cut

No Interruption

Testing Frequency

Twice a Year

Not applicable


Attack Vector Examined Per Target

Under 20

Not applicable

More than 100

Number of Target IPs Tested

Under 5 IP

Not applicable

Over 1000 IPs

Aperture Ratio



Below 2%

Vulnerability Reporting

Per Test







Response to Attack


When Attack Happens

Before Attack

Successful Attack Detection

Sample During Testing

During Attack

Pre-Attack and Continuous

Additional Testing Costs




This table compares Red Team DDoS tests and mitigation strategies, as well as the solutions and benefits offered by MazeBolt RADAR™.

RADAR™: Continuously Monitor DDoS Threats
DDoS Threat Rating (DTR)