Secure Code Warrior

There is a saying in the English: “Nip in the Bud”. The idiom, which means to suppress or prevent something at the beginning, refers to solving problems before they grow. For a permanent and effective solution in application security, as in every issue, it is necessary to get to the source of the problem, that is, the code.

Security reasons have now been included in the software life cycle (SDLC) with the concepts of Appsec and Devsecops . In SDLC, security checkpoints are added at different points on the path from development to deployment. However, the cost of security assessments and improvements increases significantly as we move away from development. Therefore, the optimal security checkpoint is the part closest to the code . In other words, the safe development of applications by developers in development environments is the most appropriate method in terms of cost, effort and security.

The most effective and efficient solution for security problems is to be solved by developers while the application is still in the code stage, that is, to solve the problem from the very beginning. What is required for this is that developers have sufficient knowledge and experience in terms of security .

Secure Code Warrior reveals a significant difference in application security by calling on developers to ” start protecting your codes from the beginning “. It provides developers with real-time guidance , online exercises, and specialized training resources , enabling them to continually improve their ability to write secure code . It also creates a fun competitive environment with coding tournaments and measurable metrics . This platform fully embeds security into the software development process, minimizing the effort and cost spent on fixing software errors .

More than 600 organizations worldwide use Secure Code Warrior.


SCW Learning Activities

Secure Code Warrior’s “Learning Activities” is a feature that offers users a variety of options to improve their secure coding skills. Some of these features:

  1. Self-Paced Learning: This type of activity offers developers the opportunity to receive secure coding training at their own pace. Developers can use training materials in the time period they determine and in accordance with their own pace and needs.
  2. Customized Curriculums: Secure Code Warrior allows you to create customized secure coding curricula that fit the needs of organizations. This helps you create custom training plans for specific projects or groups of developers.
  3. Assess Skills: An activity that can be used to assess developers’ secure coding skills. This helps developers identify their strengths and weaknesses .
  4. Tournaments: This type of activity is used to encourage competition among developers. Developers can test their knowledge and skills by participating in tournaments on secure coding topics.
  5. Hands-On Training: Secure Code Warrior provides developers with practical training opportunities based on real-world scenarios. This encourages learning through safe coding practice.
  6. Learning Paths: Learning paths provide developers with a structured way to learn a specific security topic in detail. These ways help improve security skills step by step.
  7. Videos: The platform offers short videos to developers who want to learn about security issues. These videos help them understand the basic concepts.
  8. Walkthroughs: Walkthroughs are guides that show developers how to implement a process step by step. This makes it easier to learn safe coding practices.
  9. Challenges: Challenges provide developers with an opportunity to solve a specific security problem. This involves practicing safe coding based on real-world scenarios.
  10. Guidelines: Guidelines provide developers with detailed information about a particular security topic. This helps them understand security issues.
  11. Missions: Missions provide developers with the opportunity to practice safe coding to achieve a specific goal. This makes learning more fun.
  12. Coding Labs: Coding labs allow developers to learn secure coding issues in practice. It offers real coding experience.

These various learning activities from Secure Code Warrior help developers improve their secure coding skills, become security aware, and produce more secure software. In this way, organizations strengthen secure software development processes.


Learning Paths with SCW

Secure Code Warrior’s “Learning Paths” are structured learning plans that help developers develop their secure coding skills in depth within a specific topic or area of ​​expertise. These paths guide developers to focus on the topic and specialize in a particular security area.

  • Structured Learning: Learning Paths provides developers with a step-by-step learning experience. Developers who want to specialize in a particular subject can systematically improve their knowledge and skills by following these paths .
  • Customizable: Secure Code Warrior allows organizations to create customized Learning Paths that fit their needs. This helps you create custom secure coding training plans for specific projects or teams.
  • Learning Phases: Each Learning Path includes various learning phases, from beginner to advanced. These stages are arranged according to the knowledge level and experience of the developers.
  • Broad Topics: Learning Paths can focus on a broad range of security topics. For example, a Learning Path might address OWASP Top 10 security threats or target developing secure coding skills in a specific programming language .
  • Applied Learning: Learning Paths offers the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice. Developers implement safe coding practices at every learning stage and thus reinforce knowledge .

In a nutshell, Secure Code Warrior’s Learning Paths feature offers structured learning plans that help developers improve their secure coding skills by mastering a specific topic . This is an ideal option for developers who want to dive deep into security issues.


Programming Languages ​​and Applications Included

Secure Code Warrior covers a number of different programming languages ​​and frameworks. This helps developers recognize vulnerabilities in different technologies and improve secure coding skills. Here are some important languages ​​and frameworks covered by Secure Code Warrior:

  1. C/C++: C and C++ programming languages ​​are widely used, especially in software development. Secure Code Warrior offers secure coding practice in these languages.
  2. Python: Python is known as a popular language for both web applications and data science. The platform guides Python developers through secure coding.
  3. Java: Java is a programming language frequently used for large-scale enterprise applications. Secure Code Warrior helps Java developers increase their secure coding skills.
  4. JavaScript (Angular.io, React, Vue.js, etc.): JavaScript is a language that forms the basis of web applications. Secure Code Warrior provides JavaScript developers with secure coding practices along with a variety of frameworks.
  5. C# (.NET): C# and .NET is a combination of languages ​​and frameworks widely used on the Windows platform. Secure Code Warrior addresses security issues specific to C# developers.
  6. Node.js: Node.js is a platform used primarily for server-side applications. The platform equips Node.js developers with secure coding skills.
  7. Ruby (Ruby on Rails): Ruby is frequently used with the Ruby on Rails framework as a language for rapid application development. Secure Code Warrior provides Ruby developers with secure coding practice.
  8. Swift (iOS SDK): Swift is a language used to develop iOS and macOS applications. The platform teaches Swift developers about security issues.
  9. Kotlin (Android SDK): Kotlin is a popular alternative for developing Android applications. Secure Code Warrior offers secure coding training to Kotlin developers.
  10. Docker: Docker is a platform that facilitates container-based application deployment. Secure Code Warrior teaches Docker users security best practices.
  11. Terraform: Terraform is a tool used for infrastructure coding. The platform offers secure infrastructure coding practice to Terraform users.
  12. And more: The platform focuses on many more programming languages ​​and frameworks than these examples. It covers 60 programming languages ​​and frameworks, especially in web, mobile, API, cloud and many other areas.

This list is just a few examples of the languages ​​Secure Code Warrior covers. The platform offers security training and guidance on more programming languages ​​and frameworks . In this way, developers working in different technologies can increase their skills in developing secure software.


Languages ​​in which Educational Content is Presented

Secure Code Warrior offers its educational content in English. The platform’s learning materials, training documentation, video training resources and exercises are generally available in English . Therefore, it is recommended that users have a basic understanding of English and can understand English content .

However, the programming languages ​​and frameworks that Secure Code Warrior supports may include applications written in different languages. In this case, vulnerabilities and solutions are disclosed in accordance with the features and code structure in the relevant programming language. In short, although the training content is in English, the platform focuses on security issues in applications written in different languages .


Secure Code Warrior for teams

Secure Code Warrior is generally recommended for these types of teams and organizations:

  1. Software Development Teams : Software development teams must understand the importance of developing secure software and practice secure coding to minimize security vulnerabilities. Secure Code Warrior offers these teams the opportunity to develop secure coding skills and increase security awareness.
  2. Information Security Teams : Information security professionals and teams play an important role in ensuring security during the software development phase. Secure Code Warrior helps these teams strengthen their security by collaborating with software developers.
  3. IT Management and Audit Teams : IT management and audit teams focus on software security issues to ensure the security of the organization and maintain its compliance. Secure Code Warrior helps these teams gain greater security awareness as they review their software development processes.
  4. Information Technologies Departments : Information technologies departments are responsible for ensuring the overall security of organizations and securing software projects. Secure Code Warrior helps these departments by providing secure software development practice and training.
  5. Software Outsourcing Users : Organizations that outsource some of their software development processes can use Secure Code Warrior to direct their outsourcing users to secure software development.
  6. Students and Educational Institutions : Students and educational institutions who want to learn secure software development skills can practice secure software development using Secure Code Warrior.

As a result, Secure Code Warrior is recommended for a variety of teams and organizations looking to improve their secure software development skills and increase security awareness. Anyone who wants to reduce security vulnerabilities, maintain compliance, and make their software projects more secure can benefit from this platform.



Secure Code Warrior’s integration capabilities are useful for making software development processes more secure and assisting developers with security issues. Here’s more information about Secure Code Warrior’s integrations:

Integration Categories: Secure Code Warrior supports integrations divided into different categories:

  1. Developer Tools: This category allows developers to practice secure software development and perform security checks directly in their development environments. For example, Secure Code Warrior can integrate with popular IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) so developers can receive security checks while writing code.
  2. Security Tools: This category includes integration with software security tools. This includes integrating with powerful tools to detect and manage vulnerabilities.
  3. Automation Tools: Integration with automation tools aims to automate security processes. This is used to automate security testing, code reviews, and vulnerability management.
  4. Educational Tools: This category includes integration with platforms that provide security education. Useful for managing and distributing educational content.

Example Integrations: Secure Code Warrior can integrate with many products and tools. Some example integrations might include:

  • GitHub: Secure Code Warrior integrates with GitHub, providing security training and feedback to developers.
  • Jira: Integration with Jira makes it easier to monitor and manage vulnerabilities.
  • Snyk: Snyk integration provides rapid feedback to developers about vulnerabilities.
  • Micro Focus: Micro Focus integration improves processes for detecting and remediating security vulnerabilities.

These integrations are used to secure software development processes and provide security awareness to developers. They also help detect and fix vulnerabilities at earlier stages.

You can click this link to review the software it can be integrated with .


In summary

  • SCW is a learning platform for people who want to improve their secure coding skills. This platform provides developers and security professionals with a realistic, hands-on and flexible learning experience.
  • Flexible Learning: SCW’s platform supports different learning styles and allows developers to develop secure coding skills at all levels. It offers options such as understanding the topic with videos, getting more practice with challenges or coding labs.
  • Extensive Content Library: SCW has a large content library on security issues. This content library includes 65+ different programming languages ​​and frameworks, 150+ security topics, and 8000+ learning activities.
  • Multiple Language Support: SCW allows users to learn in different languages. Supports more than 8 spoken languages.
  • Integrations: SCW can integrate with other tools. It offers more than 18 different integration options.
  • Updated Content: The platform is constantly updated to keep up with current programming languages ​​and security threats. In this way, users have access to up-to-date information and security issues.

SCW’s learning platform offers a rich resource for developers and security professionals to improve their secure coding skills and gain practice in developing secure software. This platform helps organizations increase software security.


Add Value to Your Company and Personnel with SCW

SCW helps developers improve their secure coding skills. This allows your company to make its software products more secure and reduce vulnerabilities.

  1. Fast Learning and Practice Opportunity: SCW’s platform offers developers the opportunity to quickly learn and practice security issues. This helps developers gain security knowledge faster and apply this knowledge in real projects.
  2. Flexible Learning: SCW supports different learning styles and offers developers a flexible learning experience. This allows each developer to learn at their own pace and in the way they prefer.
  3. Current Content: SCW’s content is constantly updated and covers current programming languages ​​and security threats. This way, developers always have access to the latest information.
  4. Ease of Integration: SCW can integrate with other development tools. This allows you to integrate security training into the development process and helps detect errors at earlier stages.
  5. Risk Mitigation: Improving developers’ secure coding skills reduces vulnerabilities in your company’s software products. This helps prevent potential data leaks or attacks.
  6. Competitive Advantage: Practicing secure software development can increase your company’s competitive advantage. Customers prefer secure software, and creating secure software products can lead to new market opportunities.
  7. Staff Motivation: Training developers on security issues can increase their motivation. SCW’s fun and competitive learning experience encourages developers to show greater participation and engagement.
  8. Low-Cost Bug Fixes: Improving secure coding skills reduces errors in the software development process. This helps fix bugs at a lower cost.
  9. Remote Access: SCW’s platform offers remote access, making it ideal for developer teams distributed around the world.

All in all, Secure Code Warrior is a powerful tool that helps you improve your company’s software security, help developers improve their secure coding skills and gain a competitive advantage. This can positively impact both your security and business strategies.