Cyberbit offers a cyber range solution for cyber attack exercises and simulations. Cyberbit is a company specializing in cybersecurity, providing products related to Security Operations Centers (SOC), Operational Technology (OT) security, and cyber attack exercises/simulations.

The Cyberbit Cyber Range exercise and simulation platform takes organizations beyond theoretical training and aims to ensure that the organization is prepared at the critical moment when a cyber attack occurs. What sets Cyberbit Cyber Range apart from other training platforms is its emphasis on practical, hands-on training.

Theoretical training often falls short in preparing organizations for real attacks. While Red vs. Blue team exercises can be valuable, they can never fully replace a real attack. When organizations want a service close to real attacks, bringing in consultants can be costly and cumbersome.

Additionally, many training programs tend to focus too much on specific products, tools, and brands. These training programs provide insights into how certain tools are used but may overlook critical skills like communication and performance under pressure.

The Cyberbit Cyber Range Simulator platform consists of four main components:

1. A network that closely resembles the real world (mimicking your corporate network).
2. Real attack scenarios: Automatic simulations based on real scenarios (single-player or team-based).
3. Real tools: Leading tools found in a modern SOC.
4. Multiple roles (Tier-1 analyst, Tier-2 analyst, SOC manager, etc.) and use cases: Quick initiation of an attack session, in-depth training, and debrief modules.

Cyberbit Range allows your employees to experience a cyber attack before a real one occurs. Through simulations, it enables the SOC team to track the actions taken during the simulation and measure progress in terms of timing and accuracy.