AIOps solution StackState doesn’t replace existing monitoring tools; instead, it provides visibility across all layers of your infrastructure by collecting data from various points, including these platforms. This enables rapid and automated root cause analysis.

In today’s world of managing complex infrastructures, identifying the source of a problem is often the most time-consuming aspect, causing delays and uncertainties among departments (and sometimes even manufacturers) when trying to pinpoint the issue. Once the problem is identified, reaching a solution quickly becomes possible.

This is where StackState comes in, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to expedite the process of finding the root cause.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) products can provide detailed information about your applications. However, relying solely on APM tools may not be sufficient for observing problems that can occur around applications. AIOps solutions like StackState gather data from all layers of your infrastructure, allowing for a quick determination of which layer or component of the infrastructure is causing the issue.